Maize starch is basically a carbohydrate, which is in white powder form. Maize starch has various direct and indirect uses in many industries. Maize starch has a low ash and protein. Our maize starch is extracted from Hybrid corn varieties, which are available near, by our plant. Maize starch is used in food, paper, pharma and Textile industries.

In Pharmaceutical Industry :- It is used to manufacture tablets, as a binder and used as a substitute to cellulose. It fulfils all specifications of pharmaceuticals.

In textile Industry :- It improves weaving performance. It is used in textile finishing. It increases the stiffness of the fabric and improves the texture. Maize Starch is used in conjension with thermosetting to obtain permanent finish as an adhesive in the size mix which strengthen the yarn. It improves the glaze and polish. It also improves the printability.
In Food Industry :- Starch is used as a thickening agent in manufacturing of sauces, Puddings, Curry gravies and in backing. It is used in the manufacture of gracious cones. It is very conveniently cooked to make a viscous and opaque paste very Quickly

In paper Industry :- It increases the strength of the paper. It increases stiffness and appearance of the paper. It is used in all grades of paper industries like bond, Ledger, chart, envelope. It is used in surface sizing, which increases the printability and erasing capability of the paper. It is used as an adhesive agent in pigment coating.


Technical data:

Packing : Normal HDPE Bags at Ambient Temp. RETEST PROGRAMME
Sampling Plan
· Moisture

· Hydrolysables

· PH
Description White colour fine powder, odourless, free from adulterants, fermented smell, musty dirt & Extraneous matter.
Solubility Practically insoluble in cold water
Moisture (% w/w) 13.0 % Max.
Protein (% on DB ) 0.60 % Max.
( % on DB )
98.0 % Min.
Petroleum Hydrocarbons Extractable matter (% on DB) 0.25 % Max.
Sulphated Ash
( % on DB )
0.25 % Max.
Cold water solubles
1.00 % Max.
Viscosity of 2% paste at 75oC in Redwood Viscometer No.1 34 – 36 Sec / 50 ml.
Free Acidity
(ml of 0.1 N NaoH/100 gms)
40 ml. Max.
pH (10% Aqueous solution) 4.5 - 7.0
Sulphur Dioxide ppm 80 ppm Max.
Sieve test Retention % on 100 # (Mesh) 1.0 % Max.


· DB  –  Dry Basis
· ppm -  parts per million
· w/w -  weight by weight