Gluten is a Byproduct of Maize and having Rich protein content. This is mainly used as a poultry feed as it has higher protein content and easily digestible.

Corn gluten is rich in amino acids and vitamins which helps in the good growth of the poultry. It can also be used in the foodstuffs industry by extracting Sodium glutamines

Technical Specification :-

Packing : Normal Gunny
Bags at ambient temp



· Dry Solids
· D.E




Yellow tinge to colourless, clear, thick Viscous syrup.

Moisture % w/w

12 % Max.

Fat % w/w

3 – 4 %

Protein % w/w

60 % Min

Protofat % w/w

63 % Min

Sulphated Ash % w/w

2.0 % Max.

  All results are on as is basis


Poultry Feed :

Gluten is main poultry feed as its more dependable and low cost and economical, compared to other substitution with rich proteins and vitamins. With the higher percentage of Vitamins and Proteins it obtained the utmost dependency for the effective growth of poultry. This makes gluten as the dominant poultry feed requirement. As gluten is high in methionine and efficient source of Xanthophylls for their skin and yoke pigmentation. This is decided by the nature of the bird as well as the age factors.

Cattle Feed:

Corn Gluten feed and steep water are widely used for cattle and other ruminants. Because of complex digestive system cattle can thrive on feeds relatively rich in fiber content and are less demanding of the quality of protein feed