At Gayatri BioOrganics, we believe in safety of employees and respect towards the environment. To maintaine a safe and hazard free atmoshere and to save the enviorment of all the effluent and waste, the water is recycled and re-used. We also adhere to all emission norms. At Gayatri BioOrganics Limited ETP we concentrate on the three forms of effluents i.e. solid effluents, Liquid Effluents and gaseous effluents.


The solid effluents comprising spent carbon and filter aid, which will be used for land filling purpose.


The wash water and the cooling water are treated in the aerobic ETP.


The gaseous effluents are discharged in to atmosphere in stacks provides at sufficient height which would be no harm at the PCB specified standards and the green belt around the plant would help in the oxygenation of air this results in the no harm condition and breath friendly atmosphere in the plant.